Transformers beast wars TRIPREDACUS 1997 100% Complete

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Kenner Hasbro Transformers: BEAST WARS

1997 IR TRIPREDACUS Combiner   

CICADACON (Cicada), RAM HORN (Rhonoceros Beetle), and SEA CLAMP (Lobster)

100% COMPLETE with all weapons/accessories and parts, including all small legs, missiles with tips intact, all connector parts, as well as all tabs, pegs, and small edges.

Condition:  Overall Great condition with very nice paint detail throughout, no excessively loose joints, and nothing is broken, damaged, or missing.  The wing missilestips/posts are fully intact, as are all the small legs and wings.  Note: The wings have darkened which is common, otherwise everything is excellent.

figure size: 9 inch


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