dc universe classics BOX BACKS superb artwork! larfleeze atrocitus fire red hood lot

  • 1995

Mattel DC UNIVERSE Classics Signature Collection BOX BACKS

The artwork on these are superb! hung on a wall or even framed, these display nicely. (I have some on my wall myself and they look great!)Each with a descriptive bio as well as a stunning painted rendition of the character. These were originally from the signature series box backs (no figures are included, these are just the box backs) They are in overall excellent condition with the exception of John Constantine which shows some scratches/wear(he's included as a bonus). Includes many of the harder to find characters such as Atrocitus, Red Hood, Larfleeze, and more.  

size: smaller ones are 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches

         larger ones are 12 inches by 7 inches

click on the following image to view the massive dc universe action figure section:

Hundreds in stock, Save with combined shipping.


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